45hr Sales Associate Post Exam & Certificate of Completion

Florida Real Estate 45hr Sales Associate Post-Licensing Exam & Certificate of Completion

After successfully completing the Florida Real Estate Sales Associate 45hr Post-License Course, you will need to take a 100-question multiple-choice exam online. To receive the certificate of completion, you must achieve a minimum score of 75%. Your instructor will provide you with an exam link and the necessary exam code and password. You'll have a 3-hour window to complete the exam, and it must be done in one sitting. If, by chance, you don't pass the exam, you can make another attempt immediately; there's no waiting period. However, if you fail the exam on the second attempt, you will be required to retake the entire course.

After achieving a minimum score of 75% on the exam, the system will grant you access to download a copy of the certificate. Additionally, it will automatically send an email containing a copy of the certificate to your registered email address.

Please click the button below and enter your exam code and password to access the exam.